BTS Tried The Baby Filter…And Jungkook Looks Exactly The Same

Jungkook and Jimin tried the baby filter and these are the results.

BTS‘s maknae is all grown up, but he’s still a baby in more ways than one!


Recently, a number of K-Pop stars have had fun using a filter that takes them back to infancy. The list includes IUNayeon (TWICE), Taeyong (NCT), and more.


Fans have baby-fied BTS’s photos…


…and interviews, but recently BTS finally played with the filter themselves.


After trying out the beard filter with some hilarious resultsJimin and Jungkook took a look at their baby versions. The filter brought back Jimin’s chubby cheeks, giving him a rounder face and bigger eyes.


For Jungkook, fans feel that the filter didn’t make much of a difference at all!


According to ARMY, he already is a baby, so there’s no need for a filter. In fact, some fans think that baby filter Jungkook looks strikingly similar to the 15-year-old rookie they first fell in love with!


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