BTS Was Once Asked To Imitate Bang Si Hyuk, Here’s How They Responded

They imitated some of his “unique” habits!

Bang Si Hyuk has some “unique” habits when listening to music, and several artists from his company (HYBE) have teased him about them!

Lee Hyun imitating Bang Si Hyuk when he’s listening to music
BTS members imitating Bang Si Hyuk when he’s listening to music 

The BTS members decided to bring up these habits when they were asked to imitate Bang Si Hyuk!

Bang Si Hyuk
BTS’s Jungkook

BTS once played a game where they tried to do the same pose when given a keyword. One keyword they were given was “Bang Si Hyuk PD.”

| bts Army/YouTube

The members imitated Bang Si Hyuk’s habits when he’s listening to music.

| bts Army/YouTube

Every member except for V! V imitated Bang Si Hyuk when he puts his hands on his stomach!

| bts Army/YouTube

Some members shared that they were close to doing what V did but changed their minds at the last second!

| bts Army/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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