This Is How BTS Actually Spends Their Time On Set

Things get chaotic. 🤣

When the BTS members aren’t working hard during their filming, you find them goofing off behind the scenes!

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

In a recent Bangtan Bomb, each member took their shot at introducing what they were doing on set for a “Butter” performance. However, they could only get a few words in before someone else tried to take the spotlight and “booed” them off camera with a hilarious comment.

You have nose hair.

— V

Jin gave V the same treatment, shoving him to the side after insulting his “mouth hair!”

That didn’t stand a chance to Jin’s “armpit hair…”

…as well as V’s eye hair!

Basically, the members found themselves in a hairy situation.

You’ve got neck hair.

— V

In the end, Jin didn’t actually know what he was going to say. All he wanted was to shove the members around!

You can’t blame him — It’s their favorite on-set pastime!

Watch the full video of their silliness below.