“Bangtan Bomb” Put A Suga-Sticka On Suga And ARMYs Love-Hate This Genius Edit


The latest Bangtan Bomb episode titled “What Suga Did In His Free Time” proceeded to show BTS‘s Suga doing two things in total — eating and sleeping.


In the video, taking ARMYs behind the scenes of the 2019 FESTA photoshoot, Suga was spotted snacking on a cup of tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and winding down next to RM.


And as Suga became thoroughly entranced by the tteokbokki — he really could’ve cared less about his low v-neck shirt revealing more than it should…


… but Bangtan Bomb editors shut down all potential sneak peeks down Suga’s shirt with this cutest, evil-smile Suga-Sticka:


ARMYs unfortunately couldn’t see anything past the sticker-Yoongi staring straight into their curious souls…

I’m low key annoyed by how it moves to the music…!



… and this meticulous level of Bangtan Bomb editors’ art of teasing ARMYs is sending them rolling on the floor laughing!

Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO