BTS Becomes The First K-Pop Idol Group To Completely Halt LAX

When BTS landed for the 2017 AMA, LAX, an already bustling airport, reached a fever pitch.

BTS practically closed down the airport.


There were fans inside.

There were fans outside.

Which was expected, as their previous visit to Las Vegas for the Billboards cleared showed BTS’s incredible popularity.

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And it wasn’t just the large crowd of over 200 fans but, for the first time, also the American press, including Rolling Stone, Access Hollywood, TMZ, and Entertainment Tonight.

“I’ve reported on K-pop before but it’s the first time I’m reporting their landing at the airport. There are so many fans. “

— Reporter from ET

In an interview with Dispatch at the airport, BTS stated that they are thankful and excited.

“It’s a honor to be invited to the AMA. Our fans support us and are a source of strength.

We’ll return to Korea after we thoroughly enjoy our performance here.”


Here’s to hoping that they have a safe and fun time with their fans in the U.S.!