A K-Pop Trainee Turned BTS Down By Accident — And, No, It Wasn’t Worth It

“I didn’t know that I was turning down the opportunity to dance for BTS…”

One choice has the power to change the course of your life, but we often don’t realize it unless after we’ve made our decision. Just ask this trainee!

Beomhan is a trainee under Fly Music Entertainment who will debut as part of M.O.N.T ARENA‘s 9-member lineup.

M.O.N.T’s three units | Fly Music Entertainment

Although Beomhan hasn’t debuted yet, he’s already amassed a dedicated fanbase. He has over 2 million followers on TikTok, where he entertains fans with dancing, comedy, and more.

To gain experience, some trainees join seasoned K-Pop idols on stage as backup dancers. Beomhan was once given the opportunity to dance with BTS, the biggest act in K-Pop…but he didn’t know it.

BTS performing in concert | USA TODAY

I was supposed to dance with them,” he told fans in a live broadcast. “but then I had to study for my SAT, so I turned it down, but I didn’t know that I was turning down the opportunity to dance for BTS.” 

A choreographer approached Beomhan and simply asked him if he was busy on the weekend, not mentioning BTS at all. Since Beomhan needed to study, he said yes, and the choreographer asked someone else to take the job instead.

And then the week of the BTS concert, all the people who were in that class were like, ‘Oh my God, thank you to this choreographer for giving me the opportunity to dance here, and I had so much fun.’ And I was just like…’Wait a second.’

— Beomhan

The irony is that Beomhan ditched BTS to study but didn’t end up attending college!

It turns out rehearsals were that weekend that I went to go study for my SATs, and I didn’t even go to college. But that’s okay.

— Beomhan

You win some, you lose some! Listen to Beomhan’s story here:


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