BTS’s “Bermuda” Unit Share What They Honestly Think About Their Own Visuals

One of them definitely knows he got it.

BTS‘s “Bermuda” unit consists of Jin, V, and Jungkook and is named so because once you’re in love with their visuals – you’re trapped for life and you can’t fall out of it. And in a previous questionnaire, the Bermuda unit members discussed what they honestly thought about their own visuals and answered some questions about their best features.


Jin, the oldest and the most outspoken of the Bermuda unit, gave himself a 9,999,999 out of 100 in terms of how he would score based on his looks. ARMYs, fully aware of Jin’s beaming confidence, couldn’t help but agree with this answer.


Jin also pointed out that his best features are “Everything, but specifically the cheeks”. He seemed particularly proud of how revitalized and healthy his cheeks looked – and so are ARMYs!


V, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure about himself. While ARMYs would never dispute that V is like a living angel, he could only give himself 70 out of 100. He commented, “I’m not confident enough.”


Best feature wise, V thought he had a decent nose – but he also thought there were one too many handsome faces in this world for his to be considered any good-looking. Of course, no one would possibly agree because V looks like this:


Finally, Jungkook the Golden Maknae gave himself a 0.01 out of a 100 and proved that he indeed does not have a single idea of how gorgeous he actually is. ARMYs know though, Jungkook is also very much a 9,999,999 out of a 100 like his fellow Bermuda-unit-mate Jin.


Jungkook did point out that his thighs and lips are his best features – both of which are absolutely true!


And together, these three make the gorgeous triad – the triple threat that is the BTS Bermuda. With that kind of visual game, the score should actually be “out-of-this-world number, cannot be calculated” over 100!

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Source: THEQOO