BTS Shows “Expectation Vs. Reality” In Their Latest Commercial

Well, that’s a big surprise! 😂

In the behind-the-scenes footage of their BODYFRIEND commercial, BTS gives fans a taste of what’s real and what isn’t.


The expectations they create in the commercial are poised and professional. However, the unexpected reality between takes gives you a glimpse into their true goofy selves!


V is filmed looking suave and professional for his close-up shot.

However, he couldn’t hold in his laughs at the corny scene!

Behind the scenes and in real life, RM loves being silly in his own world. Look at him strike a pose!

The moment the staff calls on him, however, he puts up his cool façade. He can’t fool ARMYs!

Next, J-Hope does his best acting for a funny scene where he’s calling for Jimin.

The moment the director says cut, he drops the act and returns to his normal, cool self. He even notes how embarrassing it was (despite nailing the scene)!

These boys are totally pros when it comes to acting in commercials. Watch the full behind-the-scenes video below!