BTS’s Jin Had A “God Of Destruction” Moment On Set

The props weren’t safe from Jin’s “legendary” hands.

RM isn’t the only “God of Destruction” in BTS!

| Bodyfriend USA/Youtube

This clumsy king is the most likely person to break, well, anything, but sometimes his members have “dangerous hands” too.

While taking promotional photos for Bodyfriend massage chairs, Jin accidentally popped a prop…

…and his members couldn’t believe it.

Jungkook, being Jungkook, let everybody on set know that Jin was to blame.  “Ah, Jin!” he scolded. “Jin! He popped the balloon.” 

Even the “God of Destruction” himself ‘complimented’ Jin’s clumsiness. (Is that a stamp of approval or a reprimand?)

Fortunately, there were enough heart boxes to go around!

Watch the video here: