BTS’s Jin And Jungkook Kept Messing With Jimin On Set

Things went from calm to chaotic when the director yelled, “Action!”.

Wherever they go, whatever they do, BTS brings chaos from them to you!

Earlier this year, BTS shot commercials for Bodyfriend massage chairs. This brand is all about rest and relaxation…

…but nothing restful or relaxing was happening on set.

and J-Hope filmed their scene smoothly…

…but the same can’t be said for JinJimin, and Jungkook. BTS’s oldest and youngest member teamed up to tease the unsuspecting Mochi.

The bickering began before the director yelled, “Action!”…

…and continued throughout the shoot. First, Jungkook earned a smack for jumping into the scene too quickly.

So, instead of ruining the next take by being early, he ruined it by being late!

Third time’s the charm, right? Wrong! Jin messed with Jimin by shouting, “Jimin-ah!” before he was supposed to.

“Don’t try to be funny!” Jimin shouted, laughing. “Don’t be greedy.” In true leJindary fashion, Jin blamed his meddling on nerves.

Between takes, the trio spent their time playing around…

…and by the end of it all, Jimin was ready for a nap!

Watch more behind the scenes here:


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