BTS’s Bodyguard Came To J-Hope’s Rescue At KBS

He jumped into action to keep J-Hope safe.

When BTS goes out in public, their dedicated security team goes above and beyond to keep the members safe.

BTS appeared on KBS News9 to discuss “Dynamite”, their Billboard chart victories, and more. Before the interview, a news anchor took BTS on a guided tour of the station.

At airports, concerts, and many other public schedules, the security staff has to protect BTS from crowds and other safety risks. By comparison, the station was a much calmer environment.

Even so, BTS’s bodyguards were on alert for anything that could harm the members, including the ground itself! When J-Hope looked like he might fall while stepping onto a ramp, this bodyguard rushed to help him.

J-Hope didn’t trip, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!