Jimin Wasn’t About To Let The Rules Stop Him From Stanning BTS

He isn’t above being rebellious, if it’s for his team.

Jin is probably the first member who comes to mind when fans think “BTS” and “rulebreaker”, but he isn’t the only one!

Unlike “Jin Hit”, Jimin usually abides by the rules unless the rules stand between him and his undying love for BTS.

If that means illegally sharing a screenshot of BTS’s Save Me webtoon or adding BTS’s name to a list, then so be it!

Recently, BTS took “The Booth” to vote for nominees for the iHeartRadio Music Awards. They circled their favorites for “Best Lyrics”, “Best Cover Song”, “Best Music Video”, “Favorite Tour Photographer”, “Best Fan Army” (ARMY, obviously), “Best Remix”, and “Favorite Music Video Choreography”.

The members wanted to choose BTS for “Best Social Star”, but leader RM said no. “We’re not social star,” he replied, meaning, they couldn’t vote for themselves because they weren’t nominated.

No nomination? No problem. Rebel Fanboy Jimin was on duty! He added BTS to the list while cutely saying, “BTS. Okay.”

Watch the video here: