If BTS’s “Britain’s Got Talent” Outfits Look Familiar, This Is Why

These suits are reminding ARMYs of something.

BTS‘s stylists are impressing fans with their picks for BTS’s Britain’s Got Talent performance.


On May 31, BTS blew the UK away with their colorful “Boy With Luv” stage. For this, the members dressed in pastel suits that reflected the song’s light and airy feel, its message of positivity, and the rainbow set.


These suits may have also been subtle promotion for BTS’s collaboration with VT Cosmetics. The color palette perfectly matches the boxes for their VTXBTS L’Atelier perfume series, “SPOTLIGHT YOURSELF L’ATELIER”.


There’s “Eau de Cotton” Jin


…”Eau de Vert” Suga

…”Eau de Bois” RM


…”Eau de Citrus” J-Hope

…”Eau de Poudre” Jimin


…”Eau de Musk” V


…and “Eau d’ocean” JungKook.


Many fans feel that the similarities are just too striking to be a coincidence!