BTS Posts “Idol Star Athletics Championships” Spoilers

BTS spent much of Idol Star Athletics Championships taking photos and tweeting and even went against the strict no photo rule designed to deter fansites.

The Idol Star Athletics Championships were filmed this week and, as in many previous years, spoilers abound. So far, fans have spotted BTS engaging in some sort of light stick ritual and leaked photos from fansites have gone viral. BTS themselves even helped contribute to the spoilers, by updating their social media throughout the day.

V posted a video with Jimin, which was soon followed by a number of group shots from the members.

Jimin and J-Hope pose during filming.

Suga, Jimin, Rap Monster, and V all took selfies together during the event.

Jungkook and Jin pose with Jimin and some of the props they had for the day.

… And even more.

More adorable selfies of the group emerge.

The hyung-line even shared photos together during the event.

The true spoilers came when V and Rap Monster tweeted.

It’s okay, we did better than we did during practice. If our ARMYs saw us working hard then I’m satisfied… satisfied… satisfwaAAAHHHHHhHHhHHhhHH

Rap Monster also tweeted a photo with a telling caption.

As the members strongly recommended it, I ended up participating in the relay.. thanks to them this was the first time I’ve run since middle school, not counting the treadmill.. I’m so thankful to my members..very thankful.. still I enjoyed myself. You’ve had a tough time today cheering us on ㅠㅠ ♥️♥️ Thank you!

V eventually jokingly tweeted the phrase “I’m left handed”, indicating that he did not do well during the event and needed an excuse for it. The tweets, in summation, indicate that BTS did not do as well this year as they have in previous years at the competition – a spoiler for the show!

Whoops! BTS seems to never be able to stay away from A.R.M.Y‘s too long, anyway.

Be sure to check out for the full line up of groups participating this year at the event!