BTS Falls In Love With An ARMY’s Cat…But The Cat Wants None Of It

A fan’s cat was the life of BTS’s Zoom party.

Question: How can you get BTS to notice you? Answer: Show them a cute animal!

Jimin | BANGTANTV/Youtube 

BTS’s members are huge animal lovers. They adore their furry, four-legged friends — and the feathery, two-legged ones too!

Jungkook | MEMORIES OF 2020 DVD

During BTS’s Zoom party with ARMY, one sassy kitty stole the show. In the comment section, a fan prompted the members to look at their cat. Cat? Where? BTS looked at the 50 ARMYs on screen, but they couldn’t spot the feline.

Jungkook: Where’s the cat?

Jin: Where’s the cat?

— Jungkook and Jin, BTS Zoom call

“There there!” Suga said suddenly, pointing. “The cat appeared, the cat appeared. Ah, the cat is there.”

V, who had been lounging, immediately sat up to get a better look while the other members ooo-ed and aww-ed. Jungkook‘s expression was so full of joy and affection that we can’t help envying the kitty.

The cat, however, was having none of this. Jimin, RM, and V pointed out how it was trying to squirm away!

Jimin: The baby dislikes it now. It’s like, hurry up and let go!

J-Hope: It’s adorable!

Jimin: It’s like, stop it.

RM: Let me go!

V: Let me go!

— Jimin, J-Hope, Jimin, RM, and V

If only we could see the cat too!


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