BTS’s gift to Suga for his birthday will make you cry

Suga had a party with his BTS members when they were celebrating his 24th birthday. The members took to Twitter to show their love for him.

J-hope kicked off the celebration with a trip down memory lane as he posted assorted pictures of himself and Suga.  Each post captioned the date and a thought J-hope had about that day. The last post ended with the caption “Hyung! Happy Birthday!”.

Rap Monster also started posting multiple pictures of Suga in his trainee days. The leader congratulated him on his caption by wishing him a happy birthday.

Jimin took to twitter next while Suga was asleep with a post that brought back ARMY’s beloved Agustina. He captioned it saying “Yoonji who is sleeping well I’ll give you a present when you get up. Happy Birthday.”

Jin posted a picture acknowledging his roommate with a sincere “Happy Birthday” caption, ending it with “-Your Roommate”.

V was next to wish Suga a happy birthday by posting another picture of Suga dressed as a girl. He playfully captioned it “I’m pretty” with a cute tiger emoji.

With all the heartfelt wishes for a happy birthday, healthy life, and successful career, Suga took to Twitter as well to thank his members and ARMY for all the birthday wishes. He captioned his thank you post with the the following, saying, “Thank you all for your birthday celebration !! I will be very well!!”