BTS Is Coming To YouTube Red…. But Some Fans Are Crying With Despair

Could this be the end of BTS’s free fan content?

BTS may be coming to YouTube Red, YouTube’s paid streaming subscription, on March 28.

Although the group’s agency, BigHit Entertainment, has not yet made an official announcement, a mysterious advertisement has A.R.M.Ys crying over their (empty) wallets.


After fans spotted this cryptic billboard in Gangnam, it quickly went viral.


The advertisement features the following clues: the YouTube Red logo, a date (March 28, 2018), and #BTSxYoutubeRed.


This quote has fans wondering if BTS will choose YouTube Red as their “Burn the Stage” platform.

BTS’s top-secret documentary is rumored to feature the members’ unfiltered hardships and triumphs during The Wings Tour.


Currently, BTS releases the majority of its video content on YouTube and V Live, for free. YouTube Red costs $9.99 (USD) a month, a price too high for some fans to pay, and is only available in a few select countries.


Others fans have expressed support for the change, and don’t mind paying YouTube Red’s subscription fees.


They believe that opening up a YouTube Red platform will help BTS’s global expansion.


Unfortunately, YouTube Red is only available in the United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea. Fans outside of these countries will not have access to BTS’s YouTube Red content.


Stay strong, A.R.M.Y!