BTS Couldn’t Get Over How Cute “Snowman Suga” Was, And Neither Could We

It was such a fun way to include Suga in their performance!

Back when BTS performed for the 2020 SBS Gayo Daejun concert, Suga was unfortunately on hiatus due to a shoulder injury. However, they came up with the cutest way to represent him during the show!

Suga from BTS. | @bts_twt/Twitter

They performed three songs for the show: “Black Swan,” “Life Goes On,” and “Dynamite.” For “Black Swan,” Jungkook and J-Hope filled in to dance during Suga’s verses. Even though the members said it felt “empty” with Suga missing, they did their best to cover his parts!

Jungkook dancing during Suga’s verse. | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

But for “Life Goes On” and “Dynamite,” they had their very own “Snowman Suga” on set with them to lipsync along to Suga’s verses!

Snowman Suga with Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, V, RM, and J-Hope. | SBS Entertainment/YouTube 

J-Hope was excited over how pretty the Christmas-themed set was but said that the “focal point” of it all was the snowman! He thought that the detail of the snowman having a standing microphone was “so cute,” and we agree.

J-Hope reacting to Snowman Suga. | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

Even the editors couldn’t hide their feelings about Snowman Suga, writing in the captions, “Snowman Suga’s cute lip sync” during Suga’s verse.


V proudly pointed out that he did a bit of acting in the switch-off between his and Suga’s verses! In the video, he pretends to notice Suga and gives him a little wave before his verse starts.

J-Hope, Jin, V, Jimin, Jungkook, and RM. | SBS Entertainment/YouTube 

The members even took the time to plan out how they’ll dance along to Suga’s verse! Even though it’s a small detail in the whole performance, it really showed how they missed Suga and were considerate about including him in the show.

“Sharing ideas for how they should move.” | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

For “Dynamite,” Jimin said that Suga was the main focus of the stage, and we totally agree! The members interacted with Snowman Suga so many times. RM even changed his line from “Ladies and gentlemen, I got the medicine,” to “Ladies and gentlemen, I got the snowman!”

| SBS Entertainment/YouTube 

The concert was held in Daegu, which is V and Suga’s hometown, so it was extra special to the group. We all hope Suga is able to join them next time they perform there!

| SBS Entertainment/YouTube 

Check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube, Twitter and SBS Entertainment