BTS Once Changed This Potentially Dangerous Choreography Move To Prevent Injuries

This new version is much safer.

BTS once modified a dance move from its original choreography to make it safer for the members and prevent them from being in any potential danger.

In the “Dionysus” performance, there are a few moves that may be considered dangerous…

…and no, not just to ARMY’s hearts.

The members undergo many strenuous and difficult moves, including rolling, climbing onto tables, and more.

This one move, in particular, was too risky that they decided to come up with alternative choreography.

Around 2 minutes into the performance, the shocking move occurs where five of the members stand up from a crouched position, spin, and immediately collapse back down onto the floor face first with only their hands to brace their impact.

The move requires incredible timing and precision as to not get hurt. Netizens showed their concerns for the members’ safety.

So every time I watch the Dionysus stage, I get nervous ㅠㅠ I think the choreography is good but it’s too dangerous for the members

The choreography is so, so cool, but dangerous

— Netizens

However, BTS created a modified version on tour that’s less dangerous but still quite strenuous and difficult to perform.

This alternative version has them bend their knees and not fall to the ground as aggressively. It helps prevent injury without sacrificing the intensity of the performance.

In the end, both versions of choreography match the epic aura of “Dionysus,” but the members’ health and safety should come first.

The first choreography looks really dangerous. I’m glad they changed their choreography, but the second choreography isn’t easy. Dionysus’ stage is so cool

— Netizen

They performed the modified version at 2019 MMA as well. Check it out below!

Source: TheQoo