These BTS “Doodle Bombs” Will Make Your Day 200% Better

ARMY took Entertainment Weekly’s “doodle bomb” challenge to the next level.

ARMYs have combined creativity and humor to bring BTS “doodle bombs” to the world wide web!


Recently, Entertainment Weekly released a BTS cover issue for the month of April, along with a series of colorful photos.


On April 1, Entertainment Weekly asked fans to “remix” these photos by doodling on them, and the results were just as unique and quirky as BTS!


RM was given a total makeover with long hair and a mustache…


Jungkook showed off his Laundry Fairy power…


…dropped some mics…


…and shared some meme-tastic “Taekook” moments with V.


V hung out with Yeontan and TATA


…and showed everyone why he’s the reigning King of GUCCI.


Fans also had fun illustrating Suga‘s “Lil Meow Meow” swag…


Jimin‘s sweet, princely vibe…


…and collaging Worldwide Handsome Jin‘s favorite things.


Even with his busy schedule, this superhero can still find time to go battle Thanos!


J-Hope, on the other hand, would rather give ARMYs his best bowling tips!


Which ones are your favorites?


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