BTS Reveal How They Find Normalcy In Their Superstar Lifestyle

They shared details about their daily lives in a new issues of Entertainment Weekly.

Nowadays, BTS can be seen and heard all around the globe, but these superstars are still finding ways to live normal lives behind the scenes.


On March 28, Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive interview with BTS that will feature in their April issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. In it, BTS reveal how they have found “pockets of normalacy” in what Entertainment Weekly calls a “bizarre fame hurricane”.


Many of these ordinary moments are ones that non-celebrities often take for granted. Jimin talked about how, in Chicago, BTS once slipped out of their hotel rooms late at night “just get some fresh air.”


RM added that doing something like that is usually out of the question because they are just too noticeable, especially when they go out as a group.

 I mean, look at us. Seven boys with dyed hair! It’s really too much.

— RM


He said that one of BTS’s ordinary luxuries is sneaking out to the movies at times when the theatres aren’t too busy.  The members also enjoy online shopping, going fishing, and playing games like StarCraft in the comfort of their own home.


BTS’s Entertainment Weekly issue is now for sale, so be sure to pick up your own copy before they’re gone!


Source: Entertainment Weekly