BTS Caught Fanboying Over Drake At The 2019 Grammy Awards

These members were just as excited to see Drake as ARMYs are to see them.

BTS are longtime fans of Canadian rapper Drake, and they proved it once again by fanboying over him at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.


Drake’s name has come up in a number of BTS interviews, and the members are never shy about singing or dancing along to his songs.


In 2018, J-Hope even sparked his own dance craze by doing Drake’s “In My Feelings” Challenge.


At the Grammys, BTS couldn’t have been more excited to see Drake win the award for “Best Rap Song”. This fancam captured V, Suga, and Jungkook taking out their phones to record Drake’s acceptance speech.


BTS’s seat-neighbor, actress Anna Kendrick, later shared this clip of Jungkook in an Instagram story. He may not have even noticed her recording because he was so focused on Drake!


Hopefully, fans will get to more BTS and Drake moments in the future!


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