Why BTS’s “Dynamite” Is Basically The Perfect Song: Professional Composer Breaks Down Its Formula

There are three main things that make it so good.

BTS‘s “Dynamite” was released on August 21 to commercial acclaim. It broke numerous records within the first few hours after its release.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

When studying the song, it’s no surprise that it was so successful. Producer Michin Gamsung from the YouTube channel 미친감성 (감성사운드) broke down its formula and explained why the choices behind “Dynamite” were ideal.

Michin Gamsung | 미친감성 (감성사운드)/YouTube

1. Tonality and Genre

“Dynamite” uses a C# minor key, a BPM of 114, and a genre of Disco Pop. Unlike other songs, the chords used from the pre-chorus until the chorus were the same: C# minor, F# minor, B, and E. By repeating the same four chords, they made it easy for audiences to listen to the song.

2. English Disco

Next, the genre of “Dynamite” was aptly chosen. Michin Gamsung pointed out that Disco Pop is a genre that can be enjoyed by people of different ages, from young kids to grandparents. They can listen to it, “without much thought”.

I think they made music that everyone can enjoy easily.

— Michin Gamsung

3. Secret Formula of a Hit Song

A mix of low, medium, and high notes were deployed in the instrumental to make the perfect hit song. The intro had obviously heavy bass, the pre-chorus had guitar medium tones, and the chorus had powerful piano high tones. Together, they made a simple yet effective formula.

Furthermore, “Dynamite” built up to an exciting falsetto in the chorus by having medium vocals in the introduction and pre-chorus.

Laslty, Michin Gamsung praised the vocal choices of “Dynamite” as they never clashed with the instrumental.

If you sing in a low tone [while the instrumental is also low toned] the song will be ruined. In the pre-chorus, the instrumental used the guitar powerlessly while the vocals were used powerfully, so the two don’t collide.

— Michin Gamsung

As a whole, “Dynamite” is a dynamic song that is exciting yet also easy on the ears!

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

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