This Is The Most Embarrassing Thing That Happens To BTS On Stage

RM named this wardrobe problem as BTS’s most embarrassing one.

BTS are pros at dealing with on-stage mishaps, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get embarrassed sometimes.


Wardrobe malfunctions can mortify anyone, but BTS’s mortification is multiplied by the thousands of fans who witness it during a show. From Jimin‘s and RM‘s legendary torn shirts…


…to Jungkook‘s ripped up button up…


…BTS are no strangers to things going wrong with their clothes.


BTS mentioned one particular wardrobe problem in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. When asked to name the most embarrassing thing that has happened to any of the members on stage, RM brought up BTS’s underwear.


He said that the members always try to wear black underwear. Bright colors like white or red can cause a very embarrassing problem because…


…if they’re flying low, everyone will know!


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Source: Entertainment Weekly