The Mystery Of BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” Masks Has Finally Been Solved

After months of smoke and mirrors, ARMYs now know the secret behind this trick.

New behind the scenes footage has finally unmasked a mystery that BTS fans have been racking their brains over for 7 months.


Back in June 2018, BTS dropped the extended music video for their smash hit “FAKE LOVE”. At the end of it, Jungkook puts on the same mask that his cloaked members are wearing.


The masks, also worn for several live shows, aren’t fastened with strings, elastics, or any other visible aids.


They attach themselves perfectly to BTS’s faces as if by magic…


…but ARMYs now finally know how the trick works. Backstage at 2018 MMA, Jin revealed a hidden mouthpiece inside his mask that he clamps onto to hold the mask in place. This allows the members to put the masks on and take them off with ease.


To see more behind the scenes footage, check out the full video here.