Here’s How Each BTS Member Reacted To “Did It Hurt When You Fell From Heaven?”

Some of these “angels” had devilish replies.

BTS‘s members are the total package; they’re talented, handsome, and have great personalities. So, it’s not surprising that fans throw out pick-up lines like Jin tosses roses in “Boy With Luv.”

One of the most popular pick-up lines is a classic; “Did it hurt…when you fell from heaven?” It implies that the person who “fell” is either this kind of angel…

A fan’s edit of Jimin with angel wings.

…or that kind of angel.

Jungkook | BigHit Music/Facebook

So far, each BTS member has had a totally different reaction to ARMY’s pick-up line. In 2019, a fan on Weverse wrote, “Hul…Oppa, are you okay?? Didn’t it hurt??!! An angel fell from heaven…” 

Jin | Weverse

Jin’s reply? “I’m not dead yet, why are you sending me to heaven?” 

| Weverse

Suga and J-Hope were asked, “did it hurt?” during a live broadcast. Suga casually replied, “It was okay for me,” but J-Hope?

He had no idea what ARMY was talking about! Suga had to explain the joke to J-Hope.

Afterward, Suga teased him, saying, “ARMY must be so disappointed. They might be crying.” 

Like Jin, responded to the pick-up line on Weverse. Unlike some members, who will flirt back with fans, V often “fan-zones” ARMY in hilarious ways.

Even so, ARMY is not quite ready to give up yet!

When a fan asked V, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” V told them to chill out! (Oh well. Better luck next time?)

| Weverse

woah woah calm down

— V

Jungkook, on the other hand, didn’t mind getting flirty on Instagram! When a fan dropped the angel line during his Q&A, Jungkook answered, “It hurt a little bit, but I’m okay now.”

| @jungkook.97/Instagram

Jimin and RM haven’t answered ARMY’s much-asked question yet, but…

RM and Jimin

…RM did use a similar pick-up line on a fan! (How’s that for an UNO reverse card?)