BTS’s “Fallen Angel” V Is Making Everyone Fall In Love With Him Again

V gave “Singularity” a feathery transformation.

reached his final form at BTS‘s final Speak Yourself concerts!


On October 26, BTS launched their 3-day concert, Speak Yourself [The Final], at Seoul Olympic stadium. Fans were in for many surprises, like Jungkook‘s arm tattoo, and V’s new look.


V took the audience’s breath away when his solo, “Singularity” began. In past performances, he’s worn a floral robe, but this time he fell to earth on a red, satin bed…


…wearing in a black feather coat.


This jaw-dropping, “Raven King” look is reminding some fans of fallen angels…


…and others of the shapeshifting wizard in Howl’s Moving Castle.


Just when you think V can’t get any more captivating…


…he finds new ways to enchant you!