Jungkook Has Immortalized His Life’s Motto In A Tattoo

Fans spotted another meaningful tattoo at BTS’s Seoul concerts.

BTS‘s Jungkook gave ARMY another peek at his hidden tattoos at BTS‘s final Speak Yourself concerts.


On October 26, BTS kicked off Day 1 of their 3-day concert, Speak Yourself [The Final], at Seoul Olympic stadium. Many priceless moments were captured by fansites, including a flash of Jungkook’s ink.


On his forearm, part of the phrase, “I’d rather be dead than cool” can be seen. These words have been Jungkook’s life motto since his rookie days.


Jungkook wrote “I’d rather be dead than cool” on his 2014 FESTA profile.

He has also quoted another version of the phrase, “I’d rather die than live without passion” from 2013…


…until now.


Although fans respect Jungkook’s decision to keep most of his tattoos under wraps, they can’t help wondering what else he has inked!