Jungkook’s “Hidden Tattoos” Have Everybody Talking

His hand may not be the only inked part of his body.

Jungkook‘s “hidden tattoos” have become the latest real-life BTS mystery to solve!


When BTS’s month-long vacation ended in September, Jungkook arrived at the airport with hand tattoos. His ink sparked a “is it real or not?” debate that more or less ended with “yes, they’re real“, despite no official confirmation.


On his hand, Jungkook has 0613 (BTS’s debut date), “ARMY” spelled with an inverted “V” instead of an “A” for V, a heart, a tiny crown, the ARMY logo, and “J” for his J-named members, but these may not be his only tatts.


At BTS’s Riyadh concert, eagle-eyed fans spotted bandages on Jungkook’s arm often used by celebrities to cover their ink.


This led some to wonder if Jungkook has more tattoos on his right arm. At first glance, these photographs appear to show Jungkook’s alleged ink through his sleeve…


…but many fans say it’s actually the shirt’s pattern, not a tattoo.


Does Jungkook have more ink under wraps, or not? Curious minds can’t help hoping for a big reveal, but if Jungkook decides to leave this mystery unsolved, fans respect his decision 100%!