A BTS Fan Bumped Into RM During His Break, Now She Might Be Rich

RM gave this lucky ARMY a valuable present.

Back in January 2019, BTS was on a month-long break, which meant that ARMYs weren’t able to see as much as they hoped of the members… unless they happen to bump into them like this lucky fan did!

On January 31, 2019, a Twitter user by the name of My Treasure (@bwDgz2TXgBRJ4Kj) shared her once in a lifetime encounter with BTS’s leader.

Judging from this photo she snapped…

…the fan met RM on the same day he took these scenic vacation photos at Gangneung Buchae-Gil, a national nature monument.

RM posted his photos to Twitter on January 31 as well.

The fan’s tweet describes the idyllic sights she saw that day, and she shared a photo of the unique autograph RM gave her.

RM signed a two-dollar bill for the fan. The bill was originally valued at $2 USD, but other fans have joked that it’s worth a whole lot more now!

With RM’s signature on it, this $2 could be worth 2 million dollars in the future!

In the meantime, this ARMY may want to run out and buy a lottery ticket because luck is clearly on her side!