Former BigHit Trainee Reveals What The BTS Members’ Personalities Were Like When They Were Trainees

He also shared how the BTS members are “different” from other celebrities.

Over the years, many people have spoken about the BTS members’ personalities. A former BigHit trainee once spoke about what the members’ personalities were like when they were trainees!

Former BigHit trainee Jihoon (Left) & BTS’s V (Right)

Jihoon, also known as Brightoon from his YouTube channel Brightoon TV, once trained alongside the BTS members.

Former BigHit trainee Jihoon (Left) & BTS’s J-Hope (Right)

In a video, he shared that since BTS were trainees, their teamwork was extraordinary. He also gave praise to RM‘s leadership!

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Jihoon shared that some celebrities have “fake characters” when in front of an audience, but the BTS members don’t have this. The image that the BTS members show to the public is really what they’re like.

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Jihoon said that the members are “goofy and cute, kind of like pure.” He then shared that all the members are extremely nice, to the point where he thinks they’re too nice!

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In terms of teamwork, the BTS members always think of the team first rather than thinking about their individual selves.

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Jihoon also remembered that the members would never skip practices and were extremely dedicated!

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Here’s the full video below!