4 Times Staff Members Spoke About BTS’s Personalities

“I saw BTS’s Jungkook in a new light.”

Over the years, many people who have worked with BTS have spoken about their personalities, and these stories are quite heartwarming. Here are 4 times staff members spoke about BTS’s personalities.

1. Former Big Hit Music employee sharing what the members were like


A person who’s close to a former Big Hit Music (BTS’s agency) employee once made a post on Twitter sharing what they had heard regarding BTS and their personalities.

The reason why I cannot stop stanning BTS. Someone that is really close to me used to work for Big Hit (they have quit now), and they stated that they always felt bad for the group every time they were attacked for their things like personality, dating rumors, misogyny, etc. From their experience, they knew that they weren’t people to do things like that. It didn’t matter if the employee was of low or high rank; BTS would always show respect and bow every time they passed someone.

The former employee shared that the members are actually more playful in real life than on TV.

They are boys that can laugh and have a good time just by looking at a leaf roll by. They didn’t understand how boys this pure could be swept up in lies and rumors. All the rumors about their friendship being purely business is a lie. They may seem a bit reserved on TV, but they are actually way more loud and fun in real life.

The former employee also shared that Suga and Jin are the ones who “draw the line” regarding people who view them as only money.

They also revealed that while some think that Big Hit’s inside system is really dirty and there actually are a lot of people that look at the boys as only money, and some people even hide the fact they are fans and get hired so that they can be close to them. They know that Suga and Jin draw the line very quickly when they see people like that who try to step over the line.

BTS’s Jin (Left) & Suga (Right)

The former employee also wished malicious netizens would stop being rude to the members, especially since the members always check what’s trending.

During their schedules, they are usually hanging out with the other members or on their phones, and they do check all the trending Tweets and rankings, especially Jungkook. So please let’s take rankings and trending seriously and help get rid of the bad hashtags.

2. Idol Star Athletics Championships staff sharing a story about Jungkook

BTS’s Jungkook

During the 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships, fans spotted Jungkook helping staff members pick up garbage left on the facility floor.

Jungkook’s kindness touched many people, and a staff member later thanked him on social media!

I saw BTS’s Jungkook in a new light. Other idols would leave their trash after eating and drinking on the floor, but Jungkook helped me out when I was going around with a trash bag picking up garbage. He’s got a great personality.

3. Staff member sharing their experience of working with BTS

A fan was watching a YouTube video when they stumbled across a comment from someone who worked with BTS.

In December of 2019, I worked as a day laborer in the production department for the Tokopedia advertisement set. One of the tasks for the production department was to clean and do small random tasks. Because they were tight on time, the filming was divided into Set A and Set B. I worked on Set B, which was not the actual advertisement but just the still cut filming.

BTS’s kindness touched this staff member.

Because they didn’t have a lot of time, me and another staff member of the production team had to play the roles of some of the members who were filming on Set A and hold different poses such as doing high-fives or putting my hand on their shoulders with the members in Set B for the still cuts. The director told the members, ‘You can just high five with this person here’ or ‘If you put your arm on their shoulder, we will edit in the other members later’ and every time the director explained something, the BTS members would bow to me or shake my hand and say, ‘Thank you very much!’

The staff member also spoke about how they received strength throughout the day thanks to the members. 

V, in particular, would greet and smile at the other production team staff members before starting, which made a great memory for us. My hand was hurting a bit from doing high fives several times, and the members would come up to me first and say, ‘It hurts, right? We are sorry! Please hold on for just a bit longer!’ and it truly warmed my heart. Another one of my tasks was to bring them the chicken delivery to their waiting room. When I went up to give them the food, J-Hope, who was receiving a massage from their trainer, said, ‘Yo~ chicken! Thank you!’ Which gave me a lot of strength.

BTS’s V (Left) & J-Hope (Right)

This staff member also had a heartwarming interaction with Jungkook.

Lastly, after the filming was over, my last task was to mop the floor. While I was washing the mop in the bathroom, Jungkook came in. Because Jungkook was a world star and I was just a staff member, I wasn’t sure if I could say something to him. Jungkook, who was washing hands, bowed deeply to me and said, ‘Thank you for your hard work.’ Being so surprised, I blurted out, “Ah, thank you! You worked hard too. It’s such an honor. Have a good day!’ Smiling, Jungkook responded, ‘Ah…well, the day is now over. Thank you! Have a good day!’ and left the bathroom.

Overall, this staff member was amazed and touched by BTS’s personalties.

BTS are stars that even show respect and manners to part-time workers like me… They are so amazing and I respect them.

4. BTS’s hairstylist speaking on the thing the members do to their staff

Park Nae Ju is one of BTS’s hairstylists, and he once spoke about the thoughtful thing the members do to their staff.

Speaking of BTS, several members send their greetings to staff first. After a big shooting or before holidays, BTS [comes] and [says] hello to us first.

— Park Nae Ju

Park Nae Ju | The Korea Times