ISAC Staff Exposes BTS Jungkook’s True Personality On Social Media

BTS‘s Jungkook takes time from idol activities at this year’s Idol Star Athletics Championships to help staff clean.

The Idol Star Athletics Championships are set to air on the Lunar Year this year, and photos from fans attending the event have already demonstrated the idols at their best. Fans spotted Jungkook at his best as well, stopping to help crew members at the show pick up garbage left on the floor of the facility.

Jungkook collected trash on the floor of the ISAC shooting location stadium.
He helped staff by bringing water bottles and other garbage to trash bags they had on hand.

His kindness did not go unnoticed, as a staff member later wrote on social media to thank Jungkook for his help and kindness.

“I saw BTS Jungkook in a new light. Other idols would leave their trash after eating and drinking on the floor but Jungkook helped me out when I was going around with a trash bag picking up garbage. He’s got great personality.”


Jungkook appears to be always considerate toward those around him.