A Former Big Hit Entertainment Employee Reveals What BTS Is Like In Real-Life

Those who really know BTS know the rumors aren’t true.

An online community board gained attention for a post regarding former Big Hit Entertainment employee’s thoughts and experience working with the BTS members in real life.

With many media outlets and social media posts about BTS’s personality and character flooding the internet, the employee revealed that it was unfortunate to see stories about them being spread online. Someone who was close to a former Big Hit employee left a post on Twitter revealing what working with BTS was really like.

“The reason why I cannot stop stanning BTS. Someone that is really close to me used to work for Big Hit (they have quit now) and they stated that they always felt bad for the group every time they were attacked for their things like personality, dating rumors, misogyny, etc. From their experience, they knew that they weren’t people to do things like that. It didn’t matter if the employee was of low or high rank, BTS would always show respect and bow every time they passed someone.

“They are boys that can laugh and have a good time just by looking at a leaf roll by. They didn’t understand how boys this pure could be swept up in lies and rumors. All the rumors about their friendship being purely business is a lie. They may seem a bit reserved on TV but they are actually way more loud and fun in real life.”


“They also revealed that while some think that Big Hit’s inside system is really dirty and there actually are a lot of people that look at the boys as only money and some people even hide the fact they are fans and get hired so that they can be close to them. They know that Suga and Jin draws the line very quickly when they see people like that who try to step over the line.”

“During their schedules they are usually hanging out with the other members or on their phones and they do check all the trending Tweets and rankings, especially Jungkook. So please let’s take rankings and trending seriously and help get rid of the bad hashtags.”

This former employees’ story gives a bit more insight as to how the boys act together at work and shows fans just how much they do care and check social media for what’s being said about them. ARMYs! Let us unite and show the world just how genuine and passionate our boys are!