BTS’s Hair Stylist Reveals The Thoughtful Thing They Do For Their Staff

They’re genuinely kindhearted ❤️

ARMYs have every right to be proud of BTS because they continue to remain humble and kind, doing their best to avoid being blinded by their fame.

Park Naeju, one of their hair stylists, recently shared the thoughtful thing they do for their staff.

| The Korea Times

In a YouTube video where he demonstrated how to achieve RM‘s sky blue hair in “Dynamite”, he explained how the boys take the initiative to greet their staff members.

Speaking of BTS, several members send their greetings to staff first.

— Park Naeju

This usually happens after an important shoot or before the holidays come around.

After a big shooting or before holidays, BTS [comes] and [says] hello to us first.

— Park Naeju

BTS has a long history of being consistently kind towards staff members.

Among many things, the boys make sure to help whenever they can…

…And they never forget to bow respectfully.

In fact, J-Hope was once called “really kind” by a staff member!

Because the people around them are all-praise for their attitudes, ARMYs can rest easy knowing they’re stanning the right group!

Watch the full video below.

Source: 내주제에 Dare U Naeju