BTS’s Hairstylists Spill The Secret Behind Putting Clips In Their Hair

It’s a technique that creates a particular look.

Park Nae Joo‘s popular hair salon Bit&Boot has many famous clients, including K-Pop groups like BTS, TWICE, and NCT.

While naming their favorite items they use on K-Pop idols, the hairstylists revealed why the BTS members are sometimes seen wearing hair clips on the way to their schedules or while on standby.


Because anything can happen during pre-recordings, hairstylist Hye In confirmed that she keeps extra hairpins for female idols. For male idols, she used something a bit different.

Hye In keeps her trusty curl clips because they help achieve a particular look.

With the help of the clips and some hair spray, a male idol’s bangs can go from silky smooth to full of volume.

Using hairstylist Ha Min as a hair model, Hye In demonstrated how easy the process is.

You’ve probably seen a lot of photos like this on social media. A lot of artists do this.

When you apply hair spray to curl pins and put it in your hair, it maintains the volume for a long time.

— Hye In

Although the clips look like they’re holding everything in place after being styled, it’s the actual tool that’s giving the hair volume.

| Weverse

Listen to the hairstylists share their favorite tools and even more insider styling secrets.


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