Halsey Crashes BTS’s BBMA Interview, Talks About Friendship Bracelets

BTS and Halsey hype each other up in a brand new interview for the Billboard Music Awards.

BTS and Halsey are getting fans excited for the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) with a new group interview.


Ever since BTS touched down in Las Vegas, they’ve been going non-stop. In addition to prepping for their BBMA “Boy With Luv” performance, BTS have been dropping by local radio stations to talk about the show.


BTS’s interview with RADIO.COM began with the members talking about Halsey’s choreography and showing off their diamond friendship bracelets.

It’s a new challenge for her too because she’s never done official choreography for her career. And it’s our challenge too because we’ve never done an official performance before with anybody.

— RM


Halfway through the clip, Halsey appears and jokingly asks BTS why they got snacks when she didn’t.

How come you got snacks? I didn’t get snacks.

— Halsey


She said she gave friendship bracelets to BTS to give them something to remember her by.

It’s just so they remember me when they go away, when they go back to Korea and I don’t get to hang out with them every day like I do now.

— Halsey


Like true friends, BTS also hyped up Halsey and her dancing skills.

Suga: She’s the best.

RM: She’s doing just great.

Jimin: This is perfect. 


Check out the full interview here to see this blossoming friendship in action.