Halsey Calls BTS Her “Friends For Life”, Opens Up About Their Relationship

In a new interview, Halsey opens up more about her lifelong friendship with BTS.

BTS and Halsey aren’t just collaborators. According to Halsey, they’re friends for life.


In a new interview with heatworld, Halsey discussed her “Boy With Luv” collab with BTS, which members love to clown her the most, and the life-long relationship she hopes to have with all seven.


“It’s such a lucky thing,” Halsey said, when asked about “Boy With Luv”. “I feel really lucky that we managed to put this thing together and that it worked for us personally.”


“‘Cause it made sense on paper. It was like, ‘okay, cool’, but we did it because we wanted to. Because we were friends.”



“Every single time we hang out, we spend time together, we have a great performance, or we just have a great time hanging out.”


“I leave them and I miss them in my heart.”


“I don’t feel like I’m walking away from a collaborator, like a job. In my heart, I miss them. I want to see how they’re doing, check up on them.”


“It hasn’t really sunk in yet. This could have gone so many different ways, and how lucky for me to have made a record with people who are now going to be my friends for the rest of my life.”


“It doesn’t always happen that way. It doesn’t. Sometimes you do songs with people and it’s cool and the art’s good, but you don’t stay friends forever.” 


“I feel very firmly that I’ve made friends for life with them.”


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