Halsey Says These Two BTS Members Are Forever Clowning Her

In a new interview, Halsey reveals which BTS members love to tease her the most.

Halsey and BTS are the ultimate #FriendshipGoals. These BFFs support each other, love each other, and never pass up the opportunity to tease!


In a new interview with heatworld, Halsey opened up about her new song “Nightmare”, her “Boy With Luv” collaboration with BTS, and more. It turns out that learning the dance for “Boy With Luv” was far more complicated than one might expect.


Halsey first learned the choreography in the US before flying to Korea to shoot the MV. She comparing her learning process to a game of telephone between herself and multiple dance teachers.

It was taught to someone, who taught it to someone, who taught it to me. So I was doing this game of telephone choreography.

— Halsey


At some point, the dance became somewhat altered between teachers and Halsey ended up learning this hitchhiking move incorrectly. Her version had more elbow in it than BTS’s.

At some point, the person who taught it to me taught it to me with this elbow. […] That’s not it!

— Halsey


Halsey said that two particular dance liners are forever teasing her about her dancing: Jungkook and J-Hope!

They have absolutely no shame about making fun of me for it. Because, every time we do it there’s always…I mean, it’s always J-Hope. J-Hope, Jungkook, and…I mean, Jimin doesn’t make fun of me so much anymore.

— Halsey


“They’re always the two in the corner who are like…”, she said, demonstrating. “I’m like, I can see you! I know you’re making fun of me! I’m doing the best I can.”  


Even though J-Hope and Jungkook love to poke fun at her, they were impressed with the contemporary dance she did at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards for “Without Me”.


Check out more from the interview here.


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