Solid Proof BTS Hates Vegetables And Honestly? So Relatable

We love them all the more for it!

One of the things we love the most about BTS is how relatable they are! They may be top stars, but they are humans too. We got to see that lovable side of them through their various variety shows, such as Bon Voyage and Run BTS! where they had some time off stage. What we did notice was just how much they seemed to hate vegetables. And honestly? We feel ya. Here are 6 instances where they did not give greens the time of the day.

1. We literally had to play spot the difference with their salad

In episode 154 of Run BTS! the boys were treated to a huge feast.

There was steak, pizza, pasta, risotto and more!

This was the meal when they started…

… and this was when they were done!

Let’s take a closer look at the salad.

Literally, the only thing that moved was the decorative flower.

Even when it’s not a salad but just accompanying greens…

… the boys left the asparagus untouched and used the pot it was in to throw clam shells.

They also ended up only eating the bruschetta without the basil on it.

Do they hate the taste of greens? You could easily pick the leaves off.

2. It’s a pizza party

But take a close look at the center of the table. While each member has an entire pan to himself, the salad bowls remain untouched in a stack at the very center.

2. Salad tower 2.0

Literally, they ate everything but the salad.

3. They didn’t even bother…

… to open the box!

4. Kimchi fried rice

But without any traces of vegetables. Typically, carrots, corn and other vegetables are part of the recipe, but none of that here! There seem to be tiny perfunctory slices of green onions, but that’s about it. The entire pot is cheese and meat!

5. Carbing up

Spaghetti and steak is a winning combination, we can’t deny it.

6. Why did they even try

In the spirit of trying, RM suggested the boys order a salad.

Their total order ended up being one carbonara, two fish and chips, two Korean fried chicken, two steaks and a lone chicken salad.

According to the production team’s subs however, they ended up leaving the salad untouched. At least you tried, boys!

Who cares if they eat vegetables or not, as long as they’re happy, well-fed and healthy?

Source: theqoo