A Hilarious Mistranslation On BTS’s TikTok Bio Has Fans Wheezing And Stanning New “Group”

BTS who?

BTS has, unsurprisingly, quickly become very popular on TikTok, where the group has over 8.5 million followers already. With this many followers, it’s no surprise that ARMYs recently found a funny goof in the translation for their bio.

One fan shared the translation on Twitter, where it quickly started going viral. The translation reads: “It is the official tick toik [sic] of the carbon dioxide carbon dioxide. This is the official TikTok for BTS.”

Instead of getting after their company for this blunder, however, fans went with it – and began stanning the iconic new “group”.

 However this mistranslation occurred, it’s no doubt hilarious! Time will tell whether or not they’ll realize the blunder and try to fix it, or keep it as a new inside joke between BTS and ARMYs.