HYBE’s Son Sung Deuk Shocks ARMY By Revealing Which BTS Songs Had The Hardest And Easiest Choreography To Create

The backstory is surprisingly very emotional. 💔

HYBE‘s performance director Son Sung Deuk recently sat down with YouTube channel OK POP!! to discuss his role as a choreographer for BTS and more.

BTS and Son Sung Deuk | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Sung Deuk revealed that the easiest choreography to create was surprisingly Spring Day. Originally, Sung Deuk and Chairman Bang Si Hyuk were set on not creating choreography for the song.

However, Sung Deuk couldn’t imagine a BTS title song without choreography.

But no matter how hard I think about it, it just doesn’t make sense to not have choreo for a title song, even after hearing what Chairman Bang Si Hyuk said.

— Sung Deuk

Like with BTS’s typical title tracks, fans were eagerly looking forward to their next comeback’s performance.

Because of this, he convinced Bang Si Hyuk that he should try making some choreography to see how it would turn out.

He reveals everything flowed easily as he “made the choreography at the speed of light” and thus, Spring Day was born!

Watching the iconic performance, fans might never guess how speedy the process is for a choreographer as talented as Sung Deuk.

However, the most difficult songs might be even more shocking to fans upon hearing Sung Deuk’s backstory. He ran into troubles when creating songs like Fake Love and DNA.

As BTS began receiving love worldwide more than ever before, the pressure for Sung Deuk to create perfect choreography increased.

He shared that right when he was under a time crunch to create the next choreography, a family emergency took place.

So one time, my plan was to put together the choreo by today so that I can take that and teach the members during their spare time in between their schedules in Japan tomorrow. So I’m under pressure to make progress, right? Suddenly, I heard that my grandmother had passed away, and I couldn’t finish the choreo at all. I rushed to the hospital and then flew out to Japan. Somehow I managed to squeeze in extra time in between their schedule to practice and put them on stage.

— Sung Deuk

With everyone relying so intensely on the song’s choreography, nothing else can move forward until he creates the performance and teaches the members.

Sung Deuk’s efforts and honorable work ethic have propelled him to be in the successful position he’s in today, and ARMY cannot thank him enough for his hard work.

Watch the full interview below!