Here’s The Hidden Message In BTS’s “Idol” Choreography That Some ARMYs Never Realized

Do you know the secret meaning?

From cultural significance to their personas as K-Pop idols, BTS‘s “Idol” is full of important messages. However, one hidden easter egg in the choreography is now making rounds among ARMYs.

While some ARMYs thought it has always been obvious, others admitted to watching the performance many times throughout the years and not connecting the dots for this hidden message.

As J-Hope says the lyrics, “Sometimes like a superhero, I’m your Anpanman,” referencing BTS’s song of “Anpanman,” he poses like the hero himself.

During this line, the other members each pose as their own Marvel character. Jin becomes the hulk by putting two fists in the air.

Next, Suga poses as Wolverine. However, some fans have also drawn a connection to Black Panther.

Jimin shoots webs as Spiderman…

…while V turns into Iron Man.

RM uses Captain American’s shield…

…and lastly, Jungkook poses as Thor.

The BTS members are certainly superheroes in their own way!