BTS’s Dance Practice VS. The Final Performance Will Blow Your Mind

Only BTS can do this! 🤯

BTS is popular not only for their talent when it comes to the stage, but also for their work ethic. Through their practice sessions, the members have delivered many iconic performances throughout the years.

In a video comparing both the members’ practice and the final version of their “Idol” stage at the 2018 Melon Music Awards, the similarities are almost scary!

Starting with J-Hope, the only difference between the two videos is that one takes place on stage and the other is in the practice room.

Displaying his intensity and sharp choreography until the very end of his stage, it’s no wonder he’s called “Team Leader Jung” by the BTS members for his impressive dance skills and work ethic.

Next, Jimin‘s stage displays his elegant yet powerful dance moves.

Every move and angle is perfectly executed in a way where it is flawlessly redone for the final performance.

The third and final part of the special stage is done by Jungkook. Just like the older members, he displays the exact same intensity until the very end.

As Suga says, “Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V!”

Watch the full video below.


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