Here’s Why BTS’s Intense Choreographies Can Be Too Dangerous For The Members

They can lead to serious injuries.

A professional K-Pop idol trainer In Ji Woong revealed, in his recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, a few dance moves from BTS‘s many beloved choreographies that he believes to be slightly too dangerous for the members.


In general, the trainer believed most of BTS’s choreographies to be extremely exhausting.

BTS’s choreographies are hard. There’s no point in talking about which parts are particularly hard, because everything about them is hard.

— In Ji Woong


They “require high energy” and “are fast paced”, all the while “incorporating traditional dance moves” too. Thus, he claimed, trying to move so flexibly while staying on beat can easily lead to possible injuries.


As an example, from “Spring Day”, In Ji Woong pointed out this particular movement:


He noted that the members are constantly risking their knees, wrists, and spines trying to pull off this complicated routine in one swift movement – which they usually do.

Even the slightest mistake in shifting the body or balancing the weight can lead to wrist and spine injuries.

— In Ji Woong


He also commented that while the routine is beautifully coordinated, it would require BTS’s full, undivided attention each and every single time it is performed – which, naturally, can be hard should the members aren’t in their best conditions.

They’re following such a packed schedule. There’s little chance that their bodies are fully rested and recovered from all the performances. So it’s inevitably going to be dangerous.

— In Ji Woong


In Ji Woong added that even though the members must have practiced the dance a million times and more to master each and every move, they are always risking damages to their bodies by pulling off such extreme choreographies.

I can only imagine the pain that BTS members deal with on a daily basis, after practicing and performing such intense dance routines all the time. They’re probably constantly in a lot of pain.

— In Ji Woong


And as any ARMY would wish, In Ji Woong hoped BTS, and other idol groups, would consider taking it easy – and for the fans to be okay with their favorite artists taking it easy.

I feel like sometimes the K-Pop world is just too brutal. We want idols to sing well because they’re singers. But we want them to dance well too, while singing. And we want them to look good while singing and dancing. We want their bodies to be sculpted… These are some high standards. And to meet those standards, K-Pop songs and choreographies have become simply too hard. While I understand this level of amazing performances helps grow K-Pop and globalize it, I also feel like it is just burning out our idols.

— In Ji Woong


Watch the full clip below: