BTS, iPhones, And Samsung Galaxy: The Love Triangle Of The Century

Apple or Samsung? Fans know who really holds the members’ hearts.

In 2020, BTS said “I do” to a partnership with Samsung, but this arranged marriage couldn’t stop the members’ love affair with Apple!

Let’s just say that BTS promotes Samsung Galaxy like a man shows off his trophy wife; she’s gorgeous and they are legally bound together, so why not?

Photos and promos aren’t fooling fans though. iPhone is, simply put, that b*tch. A mistress. A homewrecker with wily charms! Who cares if BTS didn’t put a ring on it? iPhone owns the members’ hearts, and everyone knows it.

As brand ambassadors, BTS’s members are supposed to promote Samsung Galaxy, but they have been caught cheating on their phones…

…many times.

For example, J-Hope uploaded this TikTok video of himself dancing to “Spring Day” from his iPhone, then immediately deleted it. He re-uploaded the video from his Samsung phone, probably hoping that BTS’s 25.1 million followers wouldn’t notice.

Even the staff knows what’s up. In the latest behind the scenes footage for Run BTS!, the show’s editors censored BTS’s iPhones with emojis.

Don’t worry, Samsung, Big Hit Entertainment has it covered. (Literally.)

The love triangle between BTS, Apple, and Samsung has become a running joke that shows no sign of ending.

Meanwhile, BTS’s ex, LG: