BTS And ITZY Shot At The Same Location But Served Totally Different Vibes

One location, two works of art.

Different K-Pop groups often shoot at the same locations, but each group transforms those locations into something new.


Last week, BTS released their highly anticipated new music video for “Permission to Dance.” Dressed in cowboy-inspired attire, the members brought hope for the future to a barren desert landscape.

Behind the scenes photos revealed that this “desert” is actually a patch of undeveloped land in Korea, near Incheon International Airport.

Last year, ITZY filmed their “Not Shy” music video in the exact same spot. Prior to the video’s release, Lia revealed that ITZY had filmed it in Incheon.

Unlike BTS, who served happy, carefree vibes, ITZY brought intensity and passion to the location.  The members channeled their inner outlaws and boldly declared that they’re, “not shy.”

In other words, if “Permission to Dance” is sunshine, “Not Shy” is the heat!

Both music videos are works of art that will make you want to get up and dance! Check out “Permission to Dance” MV and “Not Shy” MV below: