BTS’s Art Directors Post Behind The Scenes Photos Of The “Permission To Dance” Sets—And Green Screens Were NOT Used

The sets in the MV are real, alright.

BTS recently released their music video for “Permission to Dance,” and there was a lot to like! Besides the member’s drop dead gorgeous visuals, the meaningful choreography, and the hit song itself, the video was also praise-worthy.

It featured several memorable sets such as a truck and diner in the middle of a sparse desert.

Art director duo MU:E (Jinsil Park and Bona Kim) posted behind the scenes photos of the sets before they were finalized. It laid to rest any misconceptions that BTS used green screens to achieve their high quality video.

Turning dreams into reality with director Lumpens [Yong Seok Choi] who is always deep in thought…and a lot of MUEs.

— MU:E

In the photos, construction workers can be seen laying the groundwork for the shots where the dance sequence and diner scenes were filmed.

Behind The Scenes of “Permission To Dance” | @nomaaaaaaaad/Instagram
“Permission To Dance” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

As art directors, MU:E is in charge of the set design in the music video. They direct their team in picking props and building the backgrounds needed to create an atmosphere befitting of the song’s concept.

Behind The Scenes of “Permission To Dance” | @nomaaaaaaaad/Instagram
“Permission To Dance” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

The power that a single set holds is uncontested.

Behind The Scenes of “Permission To Dance” | @bona._.b/Instagram
Inside the building | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

How it looks in the music video is very close to how it appears in real life!

Behind The Scenes of “Permission To Dance” | @bona._.b/Instagram

MU:E made sure that every single detail served a purpose. In the laundromat scene, purple balloons of various shades were placed inside ten washing machines. Purple is BTS’s signature color, thus elevating the meaningfulness of the set.

Behind The Scenes of “Permission To Dance” | @nomaaaaaaaad/Instagram
“Permission To Dance” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

This is not the first time MU:E worked with BTS on their music videos. They previously had their hands in the making of the MV of their first fully-English song “Dynamite.”

They were also the art directors and production designers of BTS’s 2018 track “IDOL” and their 2019 hit “Boy With Luv.” Based on these examples, it’s easy to see that colorful and vibrant music videos are right up their ally.

It’s no wonder BTS’s feel-good songs also have perfectly matching music videos—without the use of green screens, of course!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the music video for “Permission To Dance” below.

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