A.C.E Share A Backstage Story About Their “Sunbaenim”, BTS’s J-Hope

He personally watched their performance.

A.C.E has nothing but praise for their industry senior, BTS‘s J-Hope!


As his group’s dance leader, J-Hope helps BTS learn their complicated choreographies. He also provides feedback when reviewing their on-stage performances.


In addition to coaching his members, J-Hope has taught and encouraged other idols and trainees, like his students from Under Nineteen.


In their latest live broadcast, A.C.E shared a story about sunbaenim J-Hope. Earlier this year, A.C.E was promoting their song “TAKE ME HIGHER” at the same time BTS was promoting “FAKE LOVE”.


During A.C.E’s camera rehearsal, J-Hope came out to greet Wow, and stayed to watch their performance in the waiting room.


Afterward, J-Hope complimented A.C.E’s dancing, among other things.


J-Hope is kind, encouraging, knowledgable, and experienced. It’s no wonder why so many of his juniors look up to him!