BTS’s J-Hope Is Always A Sunshine To Look At, But This Era Is An All-Time Favorite For ARMYs

This J-Hope was (and still is) pretty sensational.

“Run Hoseok” is a term for ARMYs who know that BTS‘s J-Hope, though he really looks good in any concept at any time, bloomed extra hard during the group’s promotion of “Run” back in 2015.


As Run Hoseok, J-Hope rocks black / dark brown hair and his signature sunshine smile. J-Hope in a darker hair color brings out his flawless skin and makes him look dangerously good!


There is a duality that is deeply embraced by “Run Hoseok” and it’s a combination of sweet and spicy.


ARMYs go crazy for how pure and innocent J-Hope looks one second, only to look dark and risky in the next.


While it’s true that J-Hope renews his peak with each and every performance, this back-in-the-days Run Hoseok remains a strong favorite era for a lot of ARMYs.


ARMYs love good throwbacks to BTS’s past concepts – because all of BTS’s “eras” have been pretty epic. And J-Hope fans know that while “Run” was a bold and daring concept for all the members, it was J-Hope’s time.


Here’s J-Hope shining as “Run Hoseok” in the “Run” music video:

Source: THEQOO